Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mammoth Lakes Road Trip

Vinh's cousin Jannie wanted to make a trip out to see the fall foilage at Mammoth Lakes before Vinh left for his BOLC training. We set off the night of October 16th & then explored around on the 17th before heading back. I can say that it was quite the adventure :P

Enjoying the golden leaves

I will say that we were freezing to death most of the time. It definitely felt like icicles attacking you for most of the trip. Somehow we still managed to smile for our photos. We weren't exactly up for taking many portraits, but we did it to appease Jannie & Andy (her hubs). We did enjoy all the gorgeous scenery though :)


Gorgeous view

Freezing outside

Trying to skip rocks, haha

Lovin' the reflections on the water

Crazy clouds with the sun trying to peek through

Piggyback ride!

Convict Lake

Walking through the golden leaves

Peepin' through at Convict Lake

You see my golden leaf hair accessory?!

Hubs with the low clouds

Gold leaves everywhere

Golden path

Favorite photo of Convict Lake

Sun peeking through

More golden leaves near a campsite

Group photo to end our trip with

I'll say we probably won't be roadtrippin' with Jannie & Andy again (too hardcore), but it was nice to explore a new place. Would you like to visit Mammoth Lakes? :)